Bull and Ram Breeding Soundness Examinations

Fertility problems in flocks and herds are usually put down to problems with ewes or even cows.  The old faithful ram who may have done one season too many or the bought in unproven young bull are often overlooked when pregnancy rates are not up to scratch.  Of course any breeding male can suffer from fertility problems due to disease, trauma, or just plain old wearing out.  When relying upon these animals to maintain the productivity of your farm it is important to know that they are capable of breeding to the level required.

Luxstowe Vets can perform both bull and ram breeding soundness examinations giving you a comprehensive assessment of the semen quality and breeding ability of the animal in question.  The examination takes approximately one hour and involves an on farm clinical examination and collection of semen sample by electro-ejaculation.  The semen is then immediately assessed for quality microscopically before a final high magnification quality check back at the surgery. 

Since starting this service in early 2010 we have tested a wide range of animals including: maiden bulls prior to being sold, previously proven bulls that have returned poor pregnancy rates, bulls with undersized testicles and rams that have returned poor pregnancy rates.  The results vary but have always provided the owner with an answer allowing them to make an informed decision over the future of the animal.