Vaccination Programmes

Infectious disease in farm animals are an ever present risk. A farm breakdown with an infectious disease can have a devastating effect on animal numbers and production levels. If your herd is at risk the safest way to avoid a herd issue is to vaccinate against a certain disease.

There are vaccines against IBR, BVD, leptospirosis, blue tongue, blackleg, pneumonia, toxoplasma, enzootic abortion, salmonella, johne's to name but a few.  If you need to use a number of these products to protect the health of your herd, it can be a nightmare knowing when to administer, to which animals and whether multiple products can be used together.

We can offer advice on the use of all vaccines and are more than happy to help you construct a vaccination programme to minimise the stress (for both you and your stock) of administering all the necessary jabs in time to maintain the animals' immunity.

If you are thinking of vaccinating against any disease or would like to help constructing a vaccination programme please do not hesitate to contact us at the surgery for advice.