Computerised Herd Recording

Do you milk record?  If so, each month all manner of details are recorded concerning the performance of your herd.  With your permission we can access these details as your veterinary advisor for further analysis.  We are particularly excited about the introduction of a new interherd programme INTERHERD+®.

The information gained from your NMR or CIS recordings can easily be fed into INTERHERD+® and then used to assess how your herd is performing individually and also compared to other similar herds. This is a vast improvement over the original Interherd programme and means that we can construct reports containing the information you want to know quickly and easily.

Our plans involving INTERHERD+® are to introduce its use as part of our routine herd check service.  Monthly reports at herd checks can be used to focus on specific areas such as milk quality, mastitis or fertility as you see fit, with more comprehensive quarterly reports monitoring your progress in target areas.