Giant Dogs

(Over 50kg as an adult)

Our dedicated pet care plan for giant dogs is the affordable way to keep your pet fit and healthy - and are savings not to be sniffed at!

Signing up to our pet care plan involves simple monthly instalments to spread the cost of essential pet healthcare and offers exclusive discounts off health checks and vets bills.

Pay As You Go Pet Care Plan
Health Check & Annual Vaccination
Kennel Cough Vaccine
A year's supply of Flea Control
A year's supply of Worm Control
Mature Dog Blood Screen
Mature Dog Urine
TOTAL £421.24 £333.49


10% off Consults (including out of hours), Neutering, Dental, Food & Waiting Room Sales.

A Free microchip or a Plaque of dental bites to help with dental care when you join.

Costing you only £27.79 per month 

Additional £5 one off set up fee taken with first direct debit

Saving you up to £112.24 per year