Routine Herd Checks/Fertility Clinics

Whether producing primarily milk or beef one thing is constant in the world of cattle farming - the need to produce a calf from each cow as close to annually as possible.  This can especially be a challenge in the modern high performance dairy herd where cows are often on a knife edge, balancing quality milk production against their daily bodily functions.  If this balance is upset even slightly the effects soon filter through to cause problems ranging from yield drops to poor fertility.

Luxstowe Vets offer reduced call out fees and reduced hourly rates when attending a farm on a routine herd check basis.  This entails a fortnightly or monthly visit where any animals can be presented for examination or treatment depending on your needs.  We commonly see cows for pregnancy diagnosis, post calving checks and "not seen bulling".

These regular visits in combination with in depth farm record analysis using state of the art computer programmes such as INTERHERD+®. INTERHERD+®enables us to work with you to identify potential problems quickly and correct them before a significant impact on performance is seen. 

Herd checks of course are not just limited to the milking cows, our time on farm can be used to address any issues that you feel need attention.