Lameness in cattle is a surprisingly common problem.  It is also a costly one given that lame animals will suffer from production losses as a result of their condition.  Weight gain and milk production are key areas affected in lame animals due to reduced feed consumption.  Associated problems quickly have detrimental effects on fertility and disease resistance in the animal.  If the whole herd has lameness issues the consequences can be catastrophic in terms of reduced productivity and income.

It is easy to pick out the severely lame animal that requires immediate attention but as with many other herd issues the few extreme cases are often the "tip of the iceberg".  In order to reduce the overall lameness of the herd and benefit accordingly all the less obvious lameness cases need to be identified and monitored.  Treatment can then be initiated far sooner leading to fewer severe cases and improvement to the overall lameness status of the herd.

At Luxstowe Vets we have the expertise to visit your farm and assess the lameness status of your herd through scoring individual cattle.  This is easily done by observing cattle as they walk single file past the vet.  Each animal receives a score allowing the vet to assess the level of lameness and identify animals needing attention.  However, lameness scoring alone is not enough to address a problem within a herd. We can also work with you to identify the main lameness issues within your herd before identifying the cause of the problem. Finally we can produce a plan of action enabling you to address the cause and hence reduce the lameness levels within the herd.