We currently provide veterinary care and advice to one large pig herd - a job that involves a long visit to the unit at least once every three months.  As a result of each of these visits, we are able to modify the herd's individual herd health plan and, in conjunction with the farmer, can discuss measures to help raise the health, welfare and productivity of the pigs on the unit.

Whilst we currently only have one large unit on our books, we do have a number of smallholders that keep a few pigs here and there throughout our catchment area.  Whilst productivity may not be such a priority of owners in this situation, the health and welfare of these animals is just as important and we are always happy to provide advice, first opinion and emergency care to these animals.  Whether this is advice about preventative medicines and rearing, or a call from a worried owner in the middle of the night about a sow in labour, we've probably heard them all!

If you have any queries or requests, please don't hesitate to contact us on the practice phone number.

Pig photos created by Tom Curtis