Rabbit Post Operative Care


As your rabbit has had a general anaesthetic please keep him/her warm on the journey home. If your rabbit normally lives outdoors you will need to bring the hutch or a suitable alternative inside and place in a warm quiet room.If your rabbit has had surgery please remove any straw or dust bedding from the hutch and replace with layers of clean newspaper. Keep your rabbit inside for at least 24 hours.

It is quite common for a rabbit to appear groggy for a few hours after a general anaesthetic and it may sleep longer and more deeply than normal and may be a little unsteady on its feet.


Provide water and tempting food, e.g. fresh greens and carrots to get your rabbit eating as soon as possible. If your rabbit has not eaten for 24 hours after surgery then please telephone us for advice.


If your rabbit has a surgical wound and has stitches (sutures) they will either be of the dissolving kind or will have to be removed 10 – 14 days after the operation. The nurse will inform you which type has been used and when to come back if necessary. There is no charge for removing stitches. It is important that you carefully inspect the wound regularly to check that the stitches haven’t come out or the wound has split. Be careful of fly strike or maggots in the warm humid months.

If any of the above has occurred please call us immediately.