Spay Bitch Post Operative Care


Your pet has had a general anaesthetic so should be given a light diet as recommended by the veterinary nurse. Small amounts of water should be offered. Should your pet vomit then withhold food for 12 hours and offer water little and often. If vomiting continues after that please ring for advice.


Evidence of a general anaesthetic is a shave mark, usually on the right foreleg. Stitches (sutures) will either be of the dissolving kind or will have to be removed 10 – 14 days after the operation. The nurse will inform you which type has been used and when to come back if necessary. There is no charge for removing stitches.

Restricted Exercise

It is most important that when an abdominal operation has been performed that your pet must not be allowed to run, jump, stretch or become excited until the wound has healed. We recommend restricted exercise - literally no walks - just outside, on a lead, to urinate and defecate as necessary for at least 10 days or until the stitches are removed.

Buster Collar

If your pet is sent home with a buster collar we recommend wearing this at all times until the wound has healed.

Most routine operation patients recover uneventfully so there will be no further charge after the initial payment. However, due to the unpredictability of living tissue, coupled with the animal’s natural instinct to clean its wounds and occasionally take out its own stitches, further work may become necessary which is chargeable.