Terms and Conditions of Business

Luxstowe Vets – Terms and Conditions of Business

Luxstowe Vets aim to provide a very high standard of veterinary care to your pets.

Fees – All fees, drugs, diets and waiting room sale products are subject to VAT at the current rate. A charge will be made for each appointment with a veterinary surgeon. It is necessary to have one appointment allocated per animal.

Estimate of treatment costs – We will endeavour to provide an estimate for all courses of treatment advised for your pet. Please remember these are an approximate guide and we cannot account for unexpected deviations in treatment plans.  

Settlement terms – Payment is required at the time of treatment or on discharge of your pet. A £5 administration fee will be applied if payment is delayed. An additional £5 administration fee will be added each month that the account is outstanding. After due notice to you, overdue accounts may be passed on to our debt recovery agents.

Inability to pay – If you are unable to settle your account, we would ask that you discuss this with us at the earliest opportunity. Payment agreements can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances by a Director or Practice Manager and will be subject to the £5 administration charges.

Pet Insurance – Luxstowe Vets strongly recommends that you have suitable insurance cover for your pet. Please be aware that it remains your responsibility to settle your account and to reclaim the cost of treatment from your insurance company. It is sometimes possible in exceptional circumstances to arrange a direct claim from your insurance company. This must be agreed to in advance by a Director or the Practice Manager. This is subject to the terms and conditions laid out in Luxstowe Vets Direct Claim Policy which is available on request. A processing fee will be charged for all insurance claim forms submitted to the practice for completion. This is currently £5 for standard claims and £20 for direct insurance claims.

Cancellations/missed appointments - A charge may be incurred if you fail to attend your appointmet without notifying us. We require 12 hours notice of cancellation of appointments. 

Vaccine reminders – Luxstowe Vets send out vaccination reminders; however these are computer generated and are not infallible. We would advise you to make a note of when your pet’s vaccination is due. We cannot take responsibility for missed vaccinations.

Complaints – We would hope that you never have reason to complain about the standards of service you or your pet receives at Luxstowe Vets. However if you wish to make a complaint, we ask that you put it in writing, addressed to the Directors and send it to the Practice either at the usual address or via email to admin@luxstowevets.co.uk

Informed Consent – We require written, signed consent for all procedures necessitating admission to the practice. This consent can only be given by someone over the age of 18 years. We will also require consent when prescribing medications not licensed for use in that species.

Telephone Calls - Luxstowe Vets record all telephone calls made to and from the practice. This is for training and monitoring purposes.

Ownership of clinical records, radiographs and other similar documents – Clinical records including radiographs and other similar documents are and will remain the property of Luxstowe Vets and form the clinical records of your pet. These can be forwarded to another veterinary practice at your request.

Prescriptions – You may request a written prescription for your pet’s medication. This will be issued subject to payment of a fee. In circumstances where it is necessary to begin treatment immediately or in an emergency situation, a written prescription will not be offered.

Repeat prescriptions –It is necessary for both legal and welfare reasons to re examine animals receiving long term medications. The interval will vary depending on the medication and the condition, but will never be longer than 6 months. A consultation fee will be charged for repeat prescription examinations. Please give the practice at least 24 hours notice when ordering repeat prescriptions or food.

Return of unused drugs – We will happily dispose of any unused drugs purchased from Luxstowe Vets. However, as they are unfit for resale, we cannot give refunds on unused drugs.

Termination of services – We reserve the right to terminate our provision of veterinary services to you the client, should there be a breakdown of trust which makes a professional working relationship unviable. In this unlikely circumstance we will write to you notifying you of our intention. We will provide emergency veterinary cover for a further two weeks. When you have chosen a new veterinary practice, we will transfer clinical histories at your request.

Home Visits – We will endeavour to accommodate your request for a home visit during normal working hours. Outside of normal working hours this may not be possible due to staffing levels and safety of staff.

Out of hour’s services – Luxstowe Vets provide a 24 hour emergency service run by our own staff. We do not have staff continuously on the premises outside of normal working hours. Our emergency service is run from our main site in Liskeard. Clients who use our Torpoint or Looe branch will be required to travel to Liskeard.